Exclusion of liability:

I participate in the event of "Munich Fun Battle" on my own risk. This exclusion of liability also applies to my children or family or any other accompanying persons of me.
Every participant has to be considerated of other involved parties and spectators and is responsible for his/her own acting. He/she is also responsible for his/her own protective equipment, e.g it's constitution and the necessity of wearing it.
I declare to be in a sufficient health and training condition to participate in the event. I agree to get excluded of the event, if I don't follow the instructions of the event organizers concerning the risk of harming myself or others.

I keep the organizers of the event and the owners of all used equipment indemnyfied against all liability, e.g. borrowed skates or cones.

I declare my compliance with the collection and forwarding of the data mentioned in the registration as well as the publication and use by the host of photos and/or videos made during the event, shoots and interviews without compensation.
I am aware of the fact, that the organizers of the event are not responsible for any larceny or the damage of my own items, e.g. backpacks or skates.
I confirm the validity of the data mentioned in the registration.
The organizers reserve the right to deny the participation in individual cases without giving reasons.
I read and understood this exclusion of liability and I agree with all points.